West Texas Changed My Life

Texas Congressional District 11 is one of the most Republican districts in America. Facing a crowded, better-funded field of 11 candidates all seeking the GOP nomination (which effectively wins you the seat in November), we had to find a way to break through with an emotional story that would have a long ripple effect and give us early buzz and fundraising power.

Brandon Batch has an amazing story. His Dad was absent from their lives and his mother died due to complications from multiple sclerosis. He was born in Odessa, but adopted by a family in Midland. This is significant because Odessa and Midland are notorious rivals of one another – but Brandon had crossover between both crucial cities (which would be key to united the area and winning the nomination).

Through mining his personal story, we discovered a video that his mom had recorded before she passed away. And like something right out of a movie, Brandon had at one point discovered that she had recorded a message just for him that he had not known about for many years. Seeing a loved one long gone encouraging you to do you best is so moving.

We crafted this story to unite West Texas behind Brandon Batch because he is one of their own – taken in by them and raised by their values. West Texans have an immense amount of pride in where they come from – harnessing that behind Brandon will propel him to victory!

When we posted the video on the first day of the launch, it went viral locally. It was shared over 1,000 times in West Texas in a matter of days and bouying his early fundraising efforts. He was able to pull in $150k almost instantly in a crowded 11-person field – even getting donations from people who had given to other candidates!


Brandon Batch’s “West Texas Changed My Life”

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