Austin, TX – Murphy Nasica and Associates (MNA) today announced sweeping victories across Texas in the 2023 Municipal cycle. From El Paso to Beaumont to Fort Worth, this month saw strong success for our clients. 

Defeating Woke Energy Politics in El Paso

Prop K would have amended El Paso’s City Charter to require the city to purchase the private electric company and force California-style conversion to alternative energy. A study commissioned by the El Paso Chamber found that passing the proposition would have killed over 170,000 jobs and cost over $28.2 billion. The Chamber brought us in to educate voters about why Prop K was a bad idea.

The Proposition started out with 53% support to 41% opposition in internal polling. But after our advertising efforts to educate the people of El Paso, they rejected Prop K with 81% voting AGAINST.

Big victories for first-time officeholders

We want to especially congratulate eight candidates who will take office for the very first time:

  • Roy West – Mayor of Beaumont
  • Kathy Stewart – Dallas City Council 10
  • Charlie Lauersdorf – Fort Worth City Council District 4
  • Macy Hill – Fort Worth City Council District 7
  • Rick Horne – Plano City Council Place 7
  • Chris Forton – Lakeway City Council At-Large
  • Kent O’Brien – Lakeway City Council At-Large
  • Paxton Motheral – Tarrant County Regional Water Board

Notably, Republican Roy West defeated the incumbent Democrat Mayor of Beaumont in a resounding victory for good government. West brought us on board to help after a narrow loss in 2021. Thank you for having us on your team, Mayor-Elect!

In any other race, Paxton Motheral’s 32.2% would have been a ticket to a runoff. But in the race for Tarrant County Regional Water District, voters cast two votes, and Paxton’s 32.2% was the equivalent of 64% vote share in a conventional race—a powerful performance for his first time on the ballot. Great job, Paxton!

Another remarkable first-time candidate was Macy Hill. Hill won the race for the open Fort Worth City Council District 7 outright. Heavy fundraising, a deep authentic connection with every neighborhood, and a strong door-to-door campaign turned what could have been a contentious battle into a rout: Hill swept the field with 61.2% of the vote, winning a majority of every major geographical region and every major demographic group in the District. Congratulations, Macy!

Sweeping Fort Worth & Tarrant County Victories

  • Mattie Parker – Fort Worth Mayor
  • Carlos Flores – Fort Worth City Council District 2 
  • Michael Crain – Fort Worth City Council District 3
  • Charlie Lauersdorf – Fort Worth City Council District 4 
  • Gyna Bivens – Fort Worth City Council District 5
  • Macy Hill – Fort Worth City Council District 7
  • Alan Blaylock – Fort Worth City Council District 10
  • Paxton Motheral – Tarrant County Regional Water Board
  • Tobi Jackson – Fort Worth ISD District 2

Candidates currently leading their runoff races:

  • Jeanette Martinez – Fort Worth City Council District 11
  • Kevin Lynch – Fort Worth ISD District 5

Common Sense Sweeps Farmers Branch

May 6 was a great day for Farmers Branch, electing our client Terry Lynne as the new Mayor.  This comes after three MNA city council wins, giving Mayor Lynne the votes to deliver his low tax and pro-police agenda.  

From all of us here at MNA, we want to congratulate our candidates again and thank them all for letting us be a part of their success. Well done, ladies and gentlemen! 

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