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Derived from the Greek word strategos—meaning “leader of the army”—we approach strategy like generals waging a war—because politics is war. And strategy is how you win.

Our strategy is informed by the most advanced data, research, technology, and experience that can be found and united. We are a company of fierce competitors and collaborative divisions employing tactics all driven toward the same strategic end—winning the war.

Since our inception, we have won more campaigns in the regions where we operate than any other firm. Every Primary and General Election in our state we have earned the distinction: “Highest Rated General Consultant” (2016 Primary & 2012 General) and “Most Valuable Consultant” (2014 Primary & 2010 General).

Below you will learn about each of our divisions and how they work together for you.


Research & Polling

We make very quick and easy strategic decisions because, by the time we have to make them, we have done the hard work. Our novel and client-specific research approach, combined with our tactical live, automated, or online polling options, will tell you which messages win and which, if left unanswered, will sink you.

Each MNA research and polling operation is finely tailored to your unique situation so you will have full confidence when the time to make a move arrives.


Data & Analytics

Knowing when to engage and at what scale is half of a successful strategy. Led by Ross Hunt, Murphy Nasica’s analytics department will give you a case-by-case, in-depth analysis of historical electoral results and a data-driven assessment of what it will take to win. We provide: Election Results Analysis; Statistical Tests for Race Outcome; Impactful, Predictive Voter Turnout & Vote Choice Models; and Predictions on Position & Intensity of Issues.

Whether it’s assisting local organizations, campaigning on ballot measures, investing in a campaign, or even sitting at the negotiation table—MNA will give you the tools you need to confidently decide when to walk and when to engage.


TV & Radio Production

They say there are three things: fast, good, and cheap—and that you can only pick two. We strive to give our clients all three. With in-house writing, directing, production, and occasional acting talent, we are able to produce award-winning television and radio ads that break your message through the desensitizing marketing landscape. Human beings are exposed to 5,000 ads a day—we make sure your ad is among the small percentage they never forget. And we pride ourselves on producing cinematic work that engages the audience with more than just politics, but an emotional story.

We manage every creative detail of our ads from storyboarding and location scouting to motion graphics and sound design. And, in politics, when you must respond at the drop of a hat, we have turned around high-quality spots at an unmatched pace. Our record from conception to final cut is 10 hours. You can watch that successful TV ad here. Let us pitch you our idea.

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Direct Mail

From copywriting and design to the moment it hits the mailboxes, our award-winning Creative Team carefully manages the entire direct mail process. We’ve created and printed thousands of mail pieces, postcards, invitations, fundraising letters, and voter guides and won national awards for best direct mail from both the American Association of Political Consultants and Campaigns and Elections Magazine.

But most importantly, we’ve seen it all. Across hundreds of races, we’ve come to know what works and what backfires. And our experience and creativity coupled with our sophisticated voter targeting is what makes our work breakthrough and always on the horizon.

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Targeted Voter Contact

In the end, campaigns are about reaching people. And MNA’s voter contact program will tell you exactly which ones you must reach. Our unique cross-segment of demographic, geographic, and electoral data enables us to construct turnout and vote choice models that pinpoint and prioritize the electorate down to a single person.

MNA will build a winning plan that fits your resources so you can maximize your voter contact efficiency and achieve the greatest return on your time and investment.


Media Affairs

Led by Craig Murphy, MNA’s top-notch communications team is on constant call to anticipate, respond to, and drive the media narrative that affects you. As needed, MNA will deliver: Press Releases, Media Advisories, News Conference Logistics, Candidate Interview/Debate Prep, and Messaging Strategy that will earn you the high ground each step of the way.


Digital Advertising

As an all in-house consulting firm, MNA clients enjoy digital strategies that are fully and seamlessly aligned with the most effective messaging being deployed across every medium—be it phones, doors, direct mail, TV or radio. We also use feedback from our data and grassroots departments to craft candidate-specific messages in real-time, allowing our digital clients to reach and build stronger connections with voters instantly.

Our digital team is skilled and equipped to reach voters in any digital capacity. Through monitoring and tracking, we use quality metrics and available data to optimize our digital ads based on the latest strategic developments. We utilize the top platforms in the industry to efficiently target voters wherever they are—reducing waste and reinforcing your messages across all screens.

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