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Opinion Research

Murphy Nasica Associates (MNA) is a national full-service political consulting and analytics firm with offices in Dallas, Austin, and the Texas Rio Grande Valley. With consulting and analytics experience in all 50 states, MNA uses innovative research techniques grounded in sound political theory to win victories for right-aligned candidates and causes.

What sets MNA apart?

  • We're nationwide: MNA is proud to partner with L2 Data to provide the highest quality predictive voter models for the right, building novel mathematical solutions to complex electoral problems all around the nation. From the blue West Coasts of California and Oregon to the purple suburbs of Chicago and the red and blue patchwork of our home state of Texas, MNA has experience everywhere in the United States of America.

  • We customize survey science: You can't fit a square peg into a round hole, and you can't use the same survey questionnaire, methods, or sample that you would use for the General Election in a Primary Election, a Special Election, or a research project that expands beyond registered voters. MNA customizes the science of polling to make the results as accurate and actionable as possible for every project.

  • We build new model math: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If all you have is regression and random forest models, all of your voter models look a lot like a generic partisan ballot model. But when it comes to Primary Elections, nonpartisan elections, or those key issues that truly cut across party lines, generic modeling methods aren't accurate. That's why MNA specializes in building new mathematical methods to model primary ballot choice, issue position, and issue intensity.

  • We ground innovation in theory: When you're blazing a trail, the path forward is clearer from the heights. More computing power and more data only produce better results if the use of that power on that material is informed by the proper theoretical understanding of the final goals and mechanistic pathways of human action. That's why we start the process of building a new model or method by asking the question: "What human action of choice are we attempting to describe, and what are the mechanisms by which human beings execute that choice?"

  • We use fast, affordable texts to deliver scientific surveys: We use cutting-edge text message survey technology to allow live agents to send our scientifically-crafted questionnaires to voters in real time, duplicating the experience of a live interview at a fraction of the cost while fully complying with all state and federal laws.

  • We have unparalleled experience in Republican Primaries: With more than a decade as the top consulting firm in the state of Texas, MNA has more experience than any other firm in the nation and surveying, modeling, and winning the GOP Primary electorates in district races. 

Office employee

MNA is proud to represent Republican and right-of-center candidates, organizations, and causes at every level of the ballot. To learn more about your path to victory, please contact us today.

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